Link: Time To Jump Off The Flores Bandwagon?

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Brian Joura has an interesting piece up on Mets360, talking about how he is jumping off the Wilmer Flores bandwagon, despite all the hype (at least in Mets Nation):

Many of us had visions of Flores tearing things up in Triple-A this year. Not only was he coming off a strong offensive year, he would be playing in a notorious hitters’ park in a notorious hitters’ league. It seemed like a perfect storm. Yet Flores sits with a .762 OPS after 179 PA. Keep in mind that the average OPS of the PCL is .766 and the average OPS of the Las Vegas 51s is .793 here in 2013.


Perhaps the Mets were too aggressive placing Flores in Triple-A. Maybe the best thing would have been to start him back in Double-A and look to promote him to Triple-A at mid-season. After all, he would still be young for his league at 21 in the Eastern League. Recently Rob Rogan did research that showed the average age of the Eastern League was over 25.

And that’s it with Flores – it all comes down to age. How do we balance production with age? What are the appropriate bonus points to award and what’s the scale you use to combine that with actual production? If we knew the answer to those questions, we would have a more accurate guide in how to properly rate Flores.

I am not really sure I agree with Journa, but he makes a good case. I’d wait it out a little bit before counting him in or out of the Mets’ future plans. More on that tomorrow morning.

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  1. I think it’s a bit premature to be jumping off the bandwagon. Flores is just 21, and although he isn’t tearing it up in AAA, he’s certainly holding his own. Is Flores going to be a superstar, no, but I think he can be a solid-average player at the MLB level if he can play 2B.

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