ESPN: Mets Looking To Trade Lesser Prospects To Clear Roster Spots

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The Mets are in a bit of a jam right now when it comes to roster spots. Since last year, the 40-man roster has been a complete mess, with many spots taken up by prospect not close to the major leagues. This week might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, according to Adam Rubin of The Mets are in a tight situation and with five players set to make the team that aren’t on the 40-man roster, some tough decisions will have to be made. This from Rubin:

In desperate need of clearing several spots, the Mets have put out word to other teams that they are interested in moving non-core prospects on the 40-man roster.
Among those available via trade: Gonzalez Germen, Darin Gorski, Reese Havens, Juan Lagares, Cesar PuelloElvin Ramirez and Hansel Robles.

Rubin notes that with 39 players on the 40-man roster, four spots will need to be cleared in order to fit in the full Opening Day roster. Brandon Hicks was outrighted earlier this week, taken off the roster, which eases the problem but certainly does not solve it.

The Mets would never consider leaving any of their top prospects up to waivers, but some low-level players like Reese Havens, Cesar Puello, and Juan Lagares may end up on the waiver wire. That’s very risky because Puello and Lagares, as well as some other waiver candidates have some value. The Mets may feel comfortable putting Gonzalez Germen and Reese Havens up for waivers, but maybe not as comfortable with letting go of someone with as much upside as Puello. My guess is they would cut Germen, Havens, Ramirez, and Gorski. They all have low upsides in comparison to Lagares, Puello, and the rest of the roster.

Whatever happens, the Mets only have a few days to make their decision, and find trade partners if possible, although a trade seems unlikely this time of year when every team is experiencing the same type of roster troubles.

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