Mets Submit Arbitration Offers For Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis

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According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports (two links), Daniel Murphy and Ike Davis have each filed for arbitration and submitted their offers. The Mets submitted their counteroffers for both players as well.

Murphy is looking for $3.4 million, while the Mets countered at $2.55 million. MLB Trade Rumors projected Murphy to make about $3 million through the arbitration process. Murphy, 27, made the MLB minimum salary last season. This will be his first time going through arbitration. In 156 games last year, he hit .291 with a .332 on-base percentage and 102 OPS+, all down from two seasons ago.

Davis is requesting $3.7 million with the Mets countering at $2.825 million. MLB Trade Rumors projected Davis would earn $2.8 million. Davis, 25, had a very up and down season in 2012, but finished with 32 home runs, and a .227/.308/.462 slash line after missing most of the 2011 season. The batting averages and on-base percentages don’t look great, even when compared with his career numbers, but they are much higher than they were in May and early June, when Davis was hitting well below .200.

Bobby Parnell, the last Met to file for arbitration, agreed to a one-year, $1.7 million deal that will forgo the process. He had a 2.49 ERA in 68.2 innings for the Mets, saving seven games for them towards the end of the season.

One important thing to keep in mind in this process is the panel of arbitrators will decide which of the two offers to award to the player. There is no middle ground. That is probably why the Mets have historically avoided arbitration with their players, to avoid getting burned.

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