Martino: 12 Or More Teams Would Be Interested In Dickey

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Andy Martino of the New York Daily News reported this morning that interest in R.A. Dickey would be very high.  “A dozen or more” teams could be vying for Dickey’s services if the Mets decide to trade him this winter. Writes Martino:

Before and after exercising Dickey’s $5 million option for 2013 last week, it was natural for club brass to discuss how to maximize his value: Is he worth more to the Mets as a pitcher, or as a trade chip?  The team is in desperate need of outfielders and catchers, have an abundance of young pitching, and believe they should deal from depth.

The biggest question is his value right now. There has never been a pitcher in the situation that Dickey is in right now. There has never been a knuckleball pitcher that has had a breakout season like this at age 38. It’s very hard to judge his value.

If the Mets sign him, he will probably be paid close to $15 million per year. At the level that he’s pitching, that’s a fair contract and one similar to what he would get on the open market. However, he is signed next year for just $5 million, a tremendous value. How often do you find one of the best pitchers in baseball under contract for $5 million? Not very often. That could increase his trade value. And again, as Martino writes, are the Mets better off flipping him for a couple of outfielders or catchers?

I don’t think anyone knows the answer to that right now. It all depends on what other teams think of him?

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