A Closer Look At The Mets September Callups

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Rosters expanded to 40 players September 1 and the Mets have now taken full advantage. After calling up Collin McHugh, Mike Nickeas, and Zach Lutz earlier this week, they called up six other players for today’s game in St. Louis. Here is a more in-depth breakdown of the players called up, why they’re here, and what this month may mean for their future.

This September will probably be very important for two guys: Collin McHugh and Jordany Valdespin. McHugh will need to impress in order to have a shot at competing for a spot in the rotation next spring. The Mets need to gauge who Jordany Valdespin really is. He showed so much power when he was up with the Mets earlier in the year, but the Mets need to figure out if that power was real and not just a fluke. He could definitely be a trade chip for an outfielder this offseason, especially if he plays well this month.

September is always interesting. Veterans from Triple-A are trying to finally break through while rookies are also trying to prove that they belong. Even though the Mets aren’t really in the playoff race, this should be an interesting September.

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