Rubin: Mets Payroll Won’t Change In 2013

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In a report on ESPN New York, Adam Rubin says that payroll levels next season will be similar to this season’s:

Although general manager Sandy Alderson publicly said last week a formal budget has not been established for next season, the Mets are likely to have a payroll comparable to the slightly more than $90 million they have committed in 2012, according to a person briefed on the current internal planning.

“They may have $10 million to $15 million max to spend — if Sandy is lucky,” the source said.

The Mets have a few gaping holes to fill. First, they need two, maybe three full-time outfielders. They also need to re-construct the bullpen. On top of that, they need to re-sign R.A. Dickey and David Wright this offseason, which will probably take all the Mets’ spending money this winter.

2013 was supposed to be the year that Sandy Alderson had money to spend and would go out and get one or two high-priced free agents. Well, now it seems like the Wilpons still have no money, and Alderson will have to wait until 2014 to make his move. Now the only thing to look forward to next season is the debut of Zack Wheeler, as well as watching the progress of Matt Harvey.

Not good….

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