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I'm a 16 year-old blogger, high school student, and lifelong Mets fan. I've been blogging about the Mets in some form or another for about four years. I embrace the new age, sabermetric way of thinking, but also recognize the importance of scouting and player devlopment.

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  1. SRT
    SRT at | | Reply

    I don’t believe Wright needs to take a discount – nor should he be expected to.

    It will only cost a couple of more million for next season over and above what the option is for.
    With Bay and Santana coming off end of 2013, this should be more than doable.

    If they don’t get it done, this organization will have no one to blame but themselves. If they think losing Reyes was a hard sell, they should know losing Wright will be even worse.

    1. Connor O'Brien
      Connor O'Brien at | | Reply

      Losing him will turn off a lot of people.

      Good point about Santana and Wright. The Mets will probably be able to afford 7 yr, 140mm, but I hope Wright gives a bit of a discount, just so the team has flexibility going forward.

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