Puma: Wright ‘Optimistic’ He Will Stay A Met

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As the offseason gets closer and closer, speculation about which uniform David Wright will be wearing for the 2014 (or even 2013) season heat up. Wright won’t negotiate with the Mets in-season, and has made that very clear publicly. Despite this, however, David told Mike Puma of the New York Post that he is very “optimistic” that a deal with him and the Mets will get done:

“Coming up through the system, I have a tremendous amount of loyalty to this organization,” Wright said. “I can’t tell you what the future holds, but I’m hoping — optimistic — that something will get done.”

David also expressed that money will not be the big issue:

“The money issue for me, I don’t think that will be the deciding factor,” said Wright, who is batting .325 with 16 homers and 75 RBIs and .416 on-base percentage in the final guaranteed season of his six-year contract worth $55 million.

More important, he says, is a chance to win the World Series.

“You want to be able to win, and I’ve only experienced a little bit of that here,” Wright said. “In a perfect world, we get this thing turned around and going in the right direction and ultimately I get to experience the bad, the ugly and the good here, which includes winning.”

Hopefully, the money won’t be an issue. From the outside, we are all still unsure about the financial situation the Mets are currently in. The only hint to how much they have is the amount Sandy Alderson spends this offseason. They might still be broke, so Wright giving them a possible discount may be the only way he could return to the Mets.

David leaving would be much harder to swallow than Jose Reyes signing with the Marlins. David has been the undisputed leader of this team since he was young, and is now a great example of a team-first guy, and one that young players can look up to. On top of that, he has been one of the best players in baseball this season.

David Wright is a kind of player that every franchise wants to have. Let’s just hope the Mets can keep him.

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2 Comments on Puma: Wright ‘Optimistic’ He Will Stay A Met

  1. I don’t believe Wright needs to take a discount – nor should he be expected to.

    It will only cost a couple of more million for next season over and above what the option is for.
    With Bay and Santana coming off end of 2013, this should be more than doable.

    If they don’t get it done, this organization will have no one to blame but themselves. If they think losing Reyes was a hard sell, they should know losing Wright will be even worse.

    • Losing him will turn off a lot of people.

      Good point about Santana and Wright. The Mets will probably be able to afford 7 yr, 140mm, but I hope Wright gives a bit of a discount, just so the team has flexibility going forward.

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