Mets Going With Six-Man Rotation; Harvey Will Have Innings Limit

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The Mets will try out a modified six-man rotation this week, Terry Collins told reporters this afternoon.

The Mets will go with R.A. DickeyJohan Santana, Jonathon Niese, Matt Harvey, Chris Young, and Jeremy Hefner. This will not be a classic six-man rotation, however. R.A. Dickey will continue to pitch every fifth day when possible.

This move does a number of things. First, it will keep everyone healthy and rested. Johan Santana is going to be paid almost $25 million next season. His left arm is an asset that the Mets desperately want to protect. On top of that, they will be reducing the injury risk for Chris Young, who has constantly been hurt over the past few seasons. Him and Santana are both coming back from anterior capsule surgeries, with Santana missing all of last season and Young making only four starts. Avoiding the immediate jump to 190 to 200 innings could keep them healthy for next season.

Along with that, this will protect Matt Harvey, who will be limited to around 170 innings.  Here are the innings Met starters have pitched so far this season, including minor league and rehab numbers.

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