Bad News: Byrdak Has Torn Anterior Capsule In Shoulder, Could Be Out A Very Long Time

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"<strongThe Mets announced that Tim Byrdak has a torn anterior capsule in his left shoulder. Byrdak had an MRI done on his left shoulder

This is a big blow. This is the same injury that Chris Young and Johan Santana had and both took well over a full year to recover. Here’s what the Mets said about Tim in their press release:

The treatment for this injury has not been finalized, but surgery is a possibility.  Tim’s return to throwing is undetermined at this time.

We don’t know if Byrdak will have the surgery or whether or not he will seek another opinion. However, if this is the injury, he probably won’t be able to avoid surgery.

This is a totally different injury than the one Pedro Feliciano suffered that ended his career, but there roles were certainly similar and you have to wonder if the heavy workload was just too much for Byrdak. I don’t know anything about how the shoulder works and whether that scientifically, the injury was caused by the workload. Feliciano pitched in a total of 266 games in his last three seasons with the Mets. Byrdak is leading the league in appearances at the moment.

There’s no doubt Byrdak was overworked. For a large part of the season, he was the only lefty in the Mets bullpen, which meant that Terry Collins was calling on him to pitch almost every night. Again, I don’t know the science behind this injury – whether it’s just a freak thing or whether it can be caused by overuse – but I bet the usage played at least some part in this injury.

The sad really sad part about this injury is that Byrdak may never pitch in the majors ever again. It took Johan Santana a year and a half to return from this surgery, and he is much younger than Byrdak. By the time Byrdak is fully healthy, he will be 40.

Good luck to Byrdak in his rehab. He is so funny (Remember the chicken? Of course you do!) but he is also an all-around nice guy. He loves interacting with fans on Twitter. Hopefully he will be able to return and pitch again in the big leagues.

On a more minor note, Byrdak will be placed on the 60-day DL in all likelihood, meaning that the Mets won’t have to clear a spot on the 40-man roster for Garrett Olson when he is called up tomorrow.

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