Why All The Hate For Sandy Alderson?

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Alright, I know these past few weeks have been frustrating. The Mets have gone from a playoff contender to almost completely out of it. The team has obvious holes and inconsistencies. But why are so many people mad at Sandy Alderson?

If we look back to late 2010, when it was obvious that Omar Minaya was going to be fired, the Mets were in bad shape. Word of financial troubles were emerging and flexibility was limited. Jason Bay was coming off a really bad year for the Mets in the first year of his contract. That, combined with concerns regarding his concussion made him untradeable. Then you had Johan Santana who had major surgery late in the season and with a huge contract, he was stuck there, too. The list goes on and on. The bullpen was decimated. And on top of all that, the farm system had been decimated by Omar Minaya. Sandy Alderson was put in a really tough spot.

Throughout last season, it was more of the same. The outlook for the team financially looked very bleak and with quite a few unmovable contracts, Alderson couldn’t do much then either. All he was able to do was unload Francisco Rodriguez‘s bad contract as well as get a stud prospect from the Giants in Zack Wheeler.

Now this season comes along. Before this season, the mindset was all about development, and preparing this team for the future. The “core” of this team was, for the most part, extremely young and inexperienced. If the front office stayed the course, it would all turn out pretty well. Then came the season.

With he Mets’ hot start, expectations rose to a level unfair to the players. Yes, the team was a few games over .500. They were fun to watch and for the first time in a few years, they really showed fight and resilience. However, this team had deep flaws. Flaws that couldn’t be fixed with one simple deadline deal and I think Alderson realized that.

When you look at the farm system you see that it is just starting to recover from what Omar Minaya did to it. We are now finally producing some notable prospects. After that comes legitimate big league talent. Do fans really want to risk the future by trading some of those rising minor league stars away? Is it really worth it?

The way I think of it is this: The Mets are a long, long ways away from being a playoff team. They need a completely new bullpen and a reorganized outfield. They may also need a catcher. The flaws are so deep that even multiple mid-season, blockbuster trades may not guarantee a playoff berth. I’d much rather stick it out with the young prospects, which can help the team much longer than any 35 year-old veteran outfielder can.

Accepting this might be hard for Mets fans, especially ones that don’t follow the minor league system closely. However, Sandy Alderson has an eye on the future and isn’t going to throw it all away for this season. I have to admit that these past three weeks have been tough to swallow, but I know that the Mets will be better off in the long-run without making impulsive deals.

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