What About Carlos Quentin?

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The Mets need a right-handed bat. The lineup has become so heavy with left-handed hitters that it’s becoming very hard to win games against lefty pitchers. Carlos Quentin could be the perfect solution to the Mets’ problem.

Quentin, 29, is playing for a struggling Padres team, a team that will likely be looking to sell at the deadline. They are about to be sold, and are currently unable to give out contract extensions to top players like Quentin.

A package for Quentin would have to be a hefty one. When healthy, he is a 30 home run guy. If a team were  to acquire him, it would cost them a few decent prospects.

But in the Mets case, Quentin would be worth it. He would provide not only the right-handed bat they need to balance out the lineup, but also a power threat, another big need.

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