Reaction: Mets Sign Three 16-Year Old International Free Agents

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The Mets announced earlier today that they have officially agreed to terms with Dominican shortstop Germàn Ahmed Rosario, a deal that will pay him a bonus of $1.75 million. That’s the highest bonus the Mets have ever given to an international free agent.

The Mets also agreed today with Venezuelan shortstop Miguel Patino and Dominican second baseman Franklin Correa.

All three prospects are 16 years old and will report to the Mets’ Dominican academy.


Rosario is very highly-touted, as you can tell from his enormous bonus. Here is a little background on him from Baseball America:

Rosario, the No. 11 international prospect for July 2, is a 16-year-old righthanded hitter with plenty of room to fill out his lanky, 6-foot-3, 170-pound frame. Some teams project Rosario as a shortstop with offensive upside, though others think he may outgrow the position. Rosario grew up as a teammate with Rangers outfielder Nomar Mazara in La Javilla youth league. He trained at the academy of the president of the league, John Carmona.

They also had some really nice things to say about him in their scouting reports:

 Rosario might be the most divisive player in Latin America. He has a long, lanky build, good bat speed and raw power in batting practice along with average speed. Some scouts who like Rosario enough to have him ranked as the top prospect in the Dominican Republic, seeing him as a true shortstop who with power who can hit in games… Supporters like his fielding instincts, hands, arm strength and ability to make the barehanded play.

I really like the moves for all three guys. Obviously, it’s a long-term investment, but one that teams have to make. These signings are very risky, but think about all of the great baseball players who have come from Latin American countries. Guys like Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz, Johan Santana, Hanley Ramirez, and countless others signed with teams before turning 18. The international free agent pool is a treasure trove of young talent and in order to get stars, you have to take risks.

One day, we may be talking about one of these guys as a top prospect. You just never know.

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