Note: The Next Two Weeks Are Critical

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Later today, the Mets will attempt to salvage what they can in the finale of a three-game series against the Braves. They are looking to avoid the sweep and avoid falling farther back in the Wild Card standings.

The next two weeks will be very critical to the Mets season.

First, the Mets go to Washington in a series that they need to take to remain in the playoff race, especially if they lose today. From then on, they play three more teams in the playoff hunt, including three more with the Nationals at home.

It seems like Sandy Alderson and the front office won’t do much to address the bullpen issues until very close to the July 31 trade deadline. That means that the Mets need to just stay in the hunt until then. That way when the help get’s there, it isn’t already too late. And if the Mets play really badly, help won’t be on the way at all. Alderson isn’t going to trade away any prospects to address a need if the team is only on the fringes of Wild Card contention.

In order to really stay in this thing, the Mets will probably need to win at least three of six games against the Nationals and play well against the Dodgers and Giants, two teams that will be competing with the Mets for the final two playoff spots.

Let’s hope they step up.

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