NL East: Phillies Sign Cole Hamels, Dodgers Acquire Hanley Ramirez

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Early this morning, the Phillies made a big move by signing Cole Hamels to a contract extension. The deal is reportedly six years and worth $144 million. With the Phillies selling, Hamels was one of the pieces that could have been traded but now that won’t be the case after he signed this extension. Here are some more trade notes from around the National League East:

  • The Marlins traded Hanley Ramirez to the Dodgers yesterday along with Randy Choate in exchange for Nathan Eovaldi and a minor leaguer. Ramirez, 28, has played all but two games in his career with the Marlins, but has had two down seasons. LAst year, he played 92 games, hitting .243 with ten home runs and 20 stolen bases. This year, he has played 92 games and hit .426 with 14 homers. In 2009, Ramirez had the best season of his career, hitting a league-best .342 with 24 home runs, 106 RBI, and 27 stolen bases.
  • The Ryan Dempster Braves deal seems to have fallen through. Dempster could still approve the trade, but he doesn’t seem eager to do so. Now, the Dodgers are jumping back into trade discussions.
  • According to the Washington Post, the primary concern for the Nationals at the trade deadline is improving their middle infield depth, not acquiring a starting pitcher. Now that Ian Desmond is out for a while, the Nats need someone to fill that spot.
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