Morning Mets Links: 7.16.12

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About Connor O'Brien
I'm a 17 year-old blogger, high school student, and lifelong Mets fan. I've been blogging about the Mets in some form or another for about four years. I embrace the new age, sabermetric way of thinking, but also recognize the importance of scouting and player devlopment.

2 Comments on Morning Mets Links: 7.16.12

  1. Speaking of Wheeler…..I’m sure you saw this in Rubin’s morning briefing:

    A scout who has watched Zack Wheeler pitch twice this season said he is equipped to face major league hitters now. Still, Terry Collins
    was resolute Sunday in dismissing the Double-A phenom as a
    consideration for Saturday’s start against L.A., saying Harvey is the
    consideration for a call-up.

    • Yeah I saw that. I also heard somewhere that he is a right-handed Clayton Kershaw.
      I would give him a few Triple-A starts before considering calling him up. If he performs really well in Buffalo in five or six starts and looks major league-ready, they should call him up. The process is different with every pitcher. Some guys need 100-150 innings at Triple-A. Some don’t.

      Interesting thing on Dwight Gooden- He got called up straight from Single-A. 1983 Single-A stats: 19-4, 2.50 ERA, 191 IP, 14.1 K/9 (300!) 5.3 BB/9

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