Harvey Will Not Be Called Up, Wheeler Will Not Pitch In MLB This Season, Both Good Moves

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Terry Collins told reporters this afternoon that the Mets will not call up Matt Harvey to pitch Saturday against the Dodgers. Instead, Miguel Batista will get the start.

Harvey has had a solid season in Triple-A Buffalo this season and was the MVP of the Triple-A All-Star Game last week, but scouts say that he isn’t quite MLB-ready. They say that he relies too much on his fastball and needs more development on his changeup.

The Mets also announced today that they will take it slow with another top pitching prospect this season. Sandy Alderson told reporters today that they will not call up Zack Wheeler to the big league club in 2012. He said that he will be called up to Buffalo, but will finish out the season there.

Both of these decisions are fine with me. While Wheeler may be MLB-ready or very close, there is no point in risking his future by calling him up. The same goes for Matt Harvey. What’s the point in starting either of their service-time clocks if you don’t absolutely have to? As I wrote a few days ago, we have to keep this season in perspective and remember what the purpose of this season really was. Sure, winning games is fun, but this year is about development for this team. The core is young and still has plenty of years left. 2012 isn’t the be all and end all for this franchise.

Both of these moves are smart ones and have the future in mind. It’s great to see Sandy Alderson hasn’t gotten caught up in the excitement this season.

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