Harvey Makes Biggest Start Of Career Tonight

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Tonight at 7:05, Matt Harvey will make possibly the most important start in his pro career up until this point. Facing the Toledo Mud Hens on SNY, Harvey will look to impress and earn the call up to Flushing.

Terry Collins has basically narrowed down the possible candidates to take Dillon Gee‘s spot in the rotation to Matt Harvey and Miguel Batista.

I’ve written about this here and had long discussions over at Real Dirty Mets about it, so I’m not going to talk about it until it happens (or doesn’t). I don’t think Harvey should be called up now. Quite a few scouting reports say he isn’t ready. If they bring him up now, the Mets are just wasting time on his service-time clock. If he was pitching more like Zack Wheeler is in Binghamton, then I’d be fine with the front office sacrificing service time to win some games. Unfortunately, he isn’t pitching like Zack Wheeler is. He doesn’t sound like a refined, major league-ready pitcher.

Many front office executives are supposed to be watching the start tonight. It should get interesting, especially if Harvey pitches well tonight.

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