Alderson: Mets No Longer Buyers In Trade Market

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According to  Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Sandy Aldrson said today that the Mets are no longer buyers in the trade market:

 “You’ve got to be realistic and take into account where you are from day to day,” Alderson said before Monday’s series opener against the Nationals, which the Mets entered a game below .500. “We’re certainly not in the same position today that we were four or five days ago. That doesn’t mean we’re sellers. But I’d say right now we’re exploring a lot of different scenarios.

“It’s important for us to win games,” the GM continued. “We’re trying to change the perception here. And part of that is actually winning games, which we realize. So if we were to make a trade, we would want to make sure it made sense not just in terms of acquiring additional talent but also taking into account the importance of the balance of this year. “

That probably means that unless it’s Grant Balfour or Huston Street, the Mets bullpen is going to stay exactly the same. I say Balfour and Street because those two guys will help the Mets in the long-term. It’s unlikely the Mets would deal for either of those two, however, because the asking price is too high.

Not surprising here, though. The Mets are almost out of it. If they lose two of three or are swept in this series against the Nationals, it’s basically over. With the way the Braves and teams in front of the Mets are playing right now, they could find themselves eight games back with the Dodgers, D-Backs, Cardinals, Braves, and Pirates in front of them.

Not a position that a team that’s buying would like to be in…

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