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I'm a 16 year-old blogger, high school student, and lifelong Mets fan. I've been blogging about the Mets in some form or another for about four years. I embrace the new age, sabermetric way of thinking, but also recognize the importance of scouting and player devlopment.

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  1. 7train
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    Believe it or not Torres has a higher BA, OBP and SLG than Duda, Davis, Murphy, Thole, Bay and Kirk against LHP.

    Kirk’s numbers against LHP are .167/.275/.217 while Torres are .266/.413/.375. They should platoon in CF with Kirk sliding over or coming in for Duda in the late innings with a lead.

    Bay and Duda are definitely not the future and the first should be DFA’d and the second traded, perhaps to Tampa Bay where he would fit like a glove in a combination of possibilities. 1B instead of Carlos Pena, RF allowing Zobrist to replace Will Rymes at 2B and for the most part at DH where their not getting much out of Luke Scott.

    Duda’s young, inexpensive, under team control for 5 more years and Tampa’s good defense can accommodate a weaker glove on occasion and their offense simply isn’t scoring enough runs.

    What should we ask for? Mikie Mahtook a RH hitting RFer in A+ who could fill RF as soon as mid season 2014.

    Financially speaking a wild card or division would probably mean more to Tampa than just about anyone else. How much? Let’s find out.

    On the surface Duda for Mahtook is crazy but Duda could be a damn fine DH/1B for 5 years and is already in the Majors, Mahtook might never be and if he does Tampa could be elsewhere with their 13th out of 14 attendance levels.

    I don’t value Justin Upton like the MVP candidate he was last year but at 24 and owed 38 M over the next 3 years Arizona may be looking to bail and it would make sense since Upton will be gone when their young pitching is ready to lead them yet they have very few position players on the way up. Could 3 or 4 of Marte, Flores, Gorski, Havens, Lagares, Vaughn, and Ceciliani intrigue them? Again lets find out and keep in mind that Upton should probably leave behind two #1 draft choices when Mahtook is ready.

    1. Connor O'Brien
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      How about keeping Duda and Kirk, as well as Harston for the lefties plus one of- Quentin, Upton, Headley for third outfield
      I’m just a big fan of Lucas Duda. Unless the Mets are blown away by an offer for him, I’d want to keep him for now…

      1. 7train
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        I don’t dislike Lucas at all, just don’t see him as a long term fit because of his terrible defense and the fact that he’s a singles hitter against LHP. Just 3 HR’s and 1 double against leftys can’t support that awful defense.

        Were already way too lefthanded and weak defensively elsewhere as well and without a righthanded good defensive RFer in the system other than Corey Vaughn in A+ who is anything but speeding through the minors this would be a great chance to upgrade our lineup against LHP, defensively, and do so right now and for the long term too with Mahtook.

        Kirk’s not hitting LHP at all either, nor does Baxter. Torres and Hairston are only good against rightys and Bay……..’nuff said. Every single OFer on this team needs a platoon mate and even carrying six of them presents all sorts of complications for Collins with playing time, roster moves, late inning matchups and God forbid one goes down the other guys a black hole in the lineup.

        Looking at 2013 a Baxter/Hairston platoon in LF. Kirk/Torres in CF and Upton in RF would be very workable with Valdespin able to pitch in as well.

        CF in 2014 could very easily be Valdespin or den Dekker (both hit LHP) with Kirk/Campbell in LF and Upton in RF with Vaughn, Taijeron and Ceciliani (if still with the Organization) providing AAA depth and knocking on the door.

        Not sure what the cost of acquiring Upton and Mahtook would be but this is the way I would go if at all possible with Cody Ross and Tori Hunter in a platoon and late inning D with Duda for the rest of 2012 as a backup.

        1. 7train
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          Cody Ross OR Tori Hunter

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