The No-Hitter That Wasn’t

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I just wanted to give my take on the R.A. Dickey one-hitter before Joe Torre makes his decision in the coming days…

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, in R.A. Dickey’s most recent start against the Rays, he tossed a one-hitter. The only hit he allowed was a controversial infield single to B.J. Upton in the first inning. The ball was hit to David Wright, who tried to bare-hand it, and failed. The ball bounced away, with Upton reaching first base safely and the official scorer ruling it a hit.

While I do think David Wright should have been charged with an error, I really hope Joe Torre and Major League Baseball don’t overturn the original ruling. Yeah, It would be fantastic if the Mets had another no-no thrown this season, especially for a guy like R.A., but not like this.

First of all, the no-no would be tainted for many. Dickey didn’t have the pressure that comes along with pitching a no-hitter into the late innings. The pressure is what stops so many pitchers from completing it. The experience afterwards is also a big thrill and a great time for players. They won’t get that opportunity, even if the ruling is overturned.

But what the biggest issue may be if the hit is changed to an error is what it will be remembered for. Everyone will always remember the game as the no-hitter awarded by the commissioner’s office. More people will think of that when they talk about the no-hitter than the actual feat itself. That’s not fair to R.A. or the amazing game that he pitched.

Overturning the call would be unfair to everyone.

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