R.A. Dickey Is The Best Pitcher In Baseball… And Could Be For A While

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After last night’s second consecutive one-hitter for R.A. Dickey, it seems clear that he is the best pitcher in baseball at the moment. No one can figure out him or his array of knuckleballs. If the season ended today, he would win the Cy Young Award and would be in the top five or ten in the MVP discussion. This run of dominance is one of the best that anyone has ever seen.

What I think is even more amazing is- this could go on for a very long time. You see, with conventional pitchers, everyone is eventually “figured out” to a certain extend. We know that even a guy like Stephen Strasburgh, who has a 100 MPH heater and a knee-buckling 12-6 curveball, will be hit once in a while. Conventional pitches can only go so far.

The knuckleball, on the other hand, has never truly reached it’s potential. If perfected, it is so much more dangerous than any conventional pitch could be because it’s just so unpredictable for the batter. Nobody knows just how far it can go, because no one has ever brought the knuckleball as faR.A. Dickey has.

There really isn’t more that I can say about it, except that it’s “RADickeylous.”

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