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I'm a 16 year-old blogger, high school student, and lifelong Mets fan. I've been blogging about the Mets in some form or another for about four years. I embrace the new age, sabermetric way of thinking, but also recognize the importance of scouting and player devlopment.

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  1. SRT
    SRT at | | Reply

    Big blow for the Braves.
    Not so much for Philly with Galvis. He wasn’t coming off the DL anytime soon with that back injury anyway. And the Phills are going nowhere this year.

    Good to see the Johan back we all know and love.

    I did my part for the All Star voting – 75 votes in all.

    What Met fan doesn’t love RA Dickey? Can’t wait until the Sunday CC/Dickey match-up.

    1. Connor O'Brien
      Connor O'Brien at | | Reply

      Beachy is a big blow to the Braves. He’s been great this year, and is tied with Dickey for the ERA lead. I voted mostly Mets on my All-Star ballot. I did 50 votes.

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