Mike Nickeas Needs To Go

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Mike Nickeas may be the weakest-hitting catcher I have ever seen. In 32 games this season, he is hitting a meager .183. His career average is even worse- .177. The Mets need to get rid of him.

I used to understand why Nickeas is on the roster in the first place- he’s cheap and he’s great with pitchers. There is no doubting either one of those facts. He calls a grea game behind the plate and he costs the Mets much less than Ronny Paulino or Rod Barajas would. The benefit of having a catcher that can call the right pitches at the right time can make or break a pitching staff.

However, the Mets are making a huge sacrifice with his offense at the plate, on that isn’t worth making anymore. Nickeas is one of the worst hitters in baseball. Here is a look at the bottom five catchers in baseball in OPS (minimum 75 Plate Appearances)






Brett Hayes




Mike Nickeas




Kurt Suzuki




Nick Hundley




Bobby Wilson



The numbers for Nickeas are just astounding. His career slugging percentage is a mere .256. Lucas Duda has a higher batting average than that!

The value is just not there anymore. You can get someone twice as productive at the plate for far less than $1 million. Even a guy like Rob Johnson, who the Mets have in Triple-A right now would be a decent replacement. You could plug in practically anyone right now and get better production out of them than you do with Nickeas.

I understand the value of having catchers that can “call a good game.” In Nickeas’ case however, the team really has to ask themselves- Is it worth it?

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