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I'm a 16 year-old blogger, high school student, and lifelong Mets fan. I've been blogging about the Mets in some form or another for about four years. I embrace the new age, sabermetric way of thinking, but also recognize the importance of scouting and player devlopment.

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    This is beautiful writing, bringing a tear to my eye – I am totally impressed that you could write something like that about watching the game with your dad. I was watching the game with my dad too, and we too are both lifelong Mets fans (you have no idea…) – he too said “I never thought it would happen” so if I ever had the chance I would thank Johan for giving me and my dad a great memory.

    That’s what’s great about baseball, isn’t it – you never know what could happen, but when it does, its a special moment and you will never forget it….

    Keep up the good work, stay awesome, and always, LET’S GO METS!!!!

    1. Connor O'Brien
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      Thanks :)
      Luckily, I have had more great moments as a Mets fan than most 15 year-old fans. 2 playoff games, as well as Johan’s 3-hit shutout at the end of 2008.

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