Notes: Tejada, Hamels, Werth

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Here are a few notes…

—– Ruben Tejada was placed on the Disabled list yesterday, and was replaced on the roster by Jordanny Valdespin. Tejada has a strained right quad muscle, which he hurt while falling into first base. He also apparently hurt his eye on the play. From

Tejada had a significant cut on his left cheek Monday, but there are no current concerns about vision issues or a concussion. He said he fell as a result of the quadriceps injury — not the opposite, that awkwardly falling caused him to be injured.
“The MRI yesterday confirmed the initial diagnosis of a right quad strain,” assistant GM John Ricco said. “He was feeling a little bit better today, but still feeling something in the quad, which confirmed what the MRI showed.”
Ricco added that the organization considered keeping Tejada active but not in the lineup for five days or so, but decided the DL was prudent given how much season remains.

Ruben Tejada down

(Photo Courtesy of Michael Baron)

It’s sad to see a young guy go on the DL like this in such a freak incident, especially a player who has been playing so well. In 27 games, Tejada was hitting .305 with a .362 on-base percentage. He has also scored 14 runs and driven in eight.

Tejada has shown great strides at the plate this season, hitting a ton of extra-base hits. He had 15 doubles in 97 games last season. This year, he already has ten. Hopefully, as the Mets have insisted, Tejada is alright and will be ready to go in two weeks.

——Yesterday, Cole Hamels of the Phillies was suspended five games for admitting that he intentionally hit Nationals phenom Bryce Harper in the first inning of Sunday night’s Phillies-Nationals game on ESPN.

For those who don’t know, Hamels came out after the game saying he intentionally hit the 19 year-old outfielder, claiming to be welcoming him to the big leagues.

Now, for Hamels to admit this is arrogant and just plain stupid. Admitting that he hit Harper on purpose won’t help anyone. In fact, it almost guarantees a suspension. Why would anyone want that? Of course, Hamels didn’t and it was probably a heat-of-the-moment thing, you have to check yourself before going there. I have no problem with Hamels hitting Harper, because well, that’s part of baseball. Pitchers hit batters for all kinds of reasons- rivalry, retalliation, or as Hamels did, “welcoming someone.” The admitting of the intent to hit Harper was what I had a problem with. What good can possibly come out of that? At least the Phillies might lose one more game because of it…

—— Another notable thing happened in Sunday night’s game. Nationals right fielder Jayson Werth broke his wrist in an awful-looking play in the outfield. Werth dove for a pop fly, with his left hand getting caught on the ground. It was bent really far back. What was even worse was him having to get up, retrieve the ball, and throw it back into the infield.

Now the already struggling Nationals offense will be without one of their best hitters. This will only put more pressure on Bryce Harper to perform.

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  1. I have no idea why Hamels admitted to that beaning either.  Zimmerman returned the favor in kind when Hamels was up there to bunt but you certainly didn’t hear him admitting that.

    I guess since he can well afford the fine – and he suspected he wouldn’t get anymore than a 5 game suspension thereby not really affecting their rotation, he just went with it.

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