Jason Bay Returns and I Have a Bone to Pick With Terry Collins

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Jason Bay will return to the lineup tonight against the Braves. Bay say yesterday because of a jammed right ring finger he suffered when sliding back into first base on a play in Saturday’s game.

Bay will play left field and hit fifth behind Ike Davis.

By the way, why does Terry Collins bat Bay fifth? Lucas Duda is clearly a far superior hitter to Bay, yet Duda bats sixth whenever Bay is in he lineup. I really don’t get it. This is similar to the situation the past few years with Mike Pelfrey in the rotation. Past success shouldn’t guarantee a spot if the player doesn’t deserve it. Yes, Jason was a 25+ home run guy with the Pirates and Red Sox, but he certainly isn’t one anymore and shouldn’t be hitting fifth.

If I were manager, Bay would hit sixth, Kirk Nieuwenhuis would hit seventh, and Thole would hit eighth unless Thole is hitting extremely well. Just a quick thought. Let me know what you think.

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