What to make of Mike Pelfrey’s struggles, notes from camp

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Mike Pelfrey was looking to bounce back from a rough first outing against the Miami Marlins today as he faced the St. Louis Cardinals in his second spring start. After allowing four runs on six hits in 2.2 innings, Mike struggled again.

4.1 IP, 6H, 4 ER, 2 HR,

That was Pelfrey’s line from today.

He clearly didn’t pitch well today (although two of those four runs came on homers, which of course, can be a little unpredictable). However, Mike did struggle with his sinker today. He couldn’t keep the ball down.

My major concern for Pelfrey this season is: will he pitch like Mike Pelfrey? If he does, the Mets are in trouble. But if he proves, finally, once and for all, that his magic from early 2010 is here to stay– the Mets will have a quality pitcher on their hands.

I don’t like to put much importance on spring games because pitchers have just got through their dead arm period and are still working to get ready for the season. Often times, they will have something that they need to work on going into a game, with the final score not really mattering. Let’s hope this is the case for Mike Pelfrey, as well as the Mets, who are 3-6-1 in Grapefruit League play.


Here are some notes from around camp:

  • The Mets reportedly had interest in Nationals pitcher John Lannon, but passed because of his salary.
  • The Mets lost today in Port St. Lucie to the Cardinals 7-1.
  • The witness list for the Wilpon trial was released today. Fred Wilpon, Sandy Koufax, and Saul Katz are some of the interesting names on the list. The plaintiffs want Koufax barred from the trial, but he may end up testifying for his good ol’ pal Fred anyway.
  • Ruben Tejada will not travel to Lakeland to play the Tigers on Wednesday. Tejada has been suffering from a groin strain.
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  1. Hey, Connor, enjoy your stuff. I’ve been heading a web site for years caleed rotoimbeciles.com. It’s main focus is fantasy baseball but there’s a lot of other topics. People have called it a unique site. What I have to say about Pelfrey isn’t for the faint of heart. I did read something mentioning Pelfrey’s contract isn’t guaranteed, so the Mets could cut him and recover three-quarters of his $5.6875 million salary. It would be the right move for the cash starved Mets but I don’t see them doing that. If you go back a few months you’ll see that I called the signing of Pelfrey a terrible decision. John Lannan, at $5-mil, is starting to look underpaid in comparison! Instead, they’ll send him out there every fifth day to absorb punishment. I guess for just under $6-mil, I could go out there and get bombarded too. Maybe the Wilpons haven’t seen his spring numbers. Unfortunately, I have! In 9 2/3 IP, Pelfrey has given up 16 ER, 12 HA, a 4/6 K/BB, and a 14.90/2.28 ERA/WHIP. The Mets would be better off having top prospect Matt Harvey learn on the job. Pelfrey has had 2 decent seasons in even years (’08, ’10) and this happens to be an even year. But I still would cut bait. What’s telling is now that we’re getting down to the scrubinis in my mixed league draft, Pelfrey is still on the board. I was actually going to call his name out first in my $360-NL auction but I’m afraid that I would get stuck with him! Pelfrey was the ninth overall pick of the 2005 draft, right before Cameron Maybin (10), Andrew McCutchen (11), and Jay Bruce (12). Over his career Pelfrey has a sickening 493/314 K/BB in 876 2/3 IP, with 965 HA, a 4.40/1.46 ERA/WHIP, and a 50-54 career record. My advice to fantasy owners is to stay far away from Pelfrey in 2012. Check out the site, Connor, and feel free to blog in the roto forum section. Speak to you soon. The site e-mail is rotoimb234@rotoimbeciles.com

    George Hubschman

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