The Mets should consider cutting Mike Pelfrey

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(Photo Courtesy of Michael Baron)

Mike Pelfrey has continues his dreadful performance from last season this spring. Big Pelf, 28, went 7-13 with a 4.74 ERA. He provided the Mets with an “inning eater,” but nothing more. Pelfrey pitched 193.2 innings last season, and has consistently been near 200 innings in three out of the last four seasons. However, that seems to be the only thing Pelfrey is good at– eating innings. Well, there may be another– being inconsistent. Pelfrey is the picture of inconsistency, pitching great for a five starts and then horribly for the next ten. There isn’t much reason why the Mets should keep him around any more.

The one defense I can see the Mets taking in all of this is– who’s going to replace him? Now this is a very interesting question. At the moment, there isn’t much, unless you consider Chris Schwinden a viable option. However, Matt Harvey is set to arrive in the majors probably sometime in June or July. I don’t know of anybody who would have a problem replacing Pelfrey with Matt Harvey. But again– Harvey won’t be ready until mid-season, and the optimal time to cut Pelfrey is right now because if the Mets were to cut him now, they would only need to pay a portion of his $5.6 million salary this year.

Despite this viable defense, I still think Pelfrey’s got to go. There may not be a replacement of  a high quality waiting in the wings, but Pelfrey seems to be worse than a replacement player like Chris Schwinden. Pelfrey eats innings, but is too much of a liability to keep on the roster.

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