Mike Pelfrey: On the trading block?

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CBS Sports baseball insider Jon Heyman Tweeted today that the Mets would like to trade Mike Pelfrey. However, he also calls it a “tough market” for the 28 year-old righty. This may be due to Pelfrey’s $5.6 million salary the Mets gave him, avoiding arbitration this winter. Heyman also quoted a GM as saying:

“The best thing for him might be to get out of New York.”

Heyman published an article saying that it will be very tough to find a taker for PElfrey at this point.

Sources suggest the Mets aren’t enamored wigth Pelfrey’s salary (no surprise there, as he makes $5.6875 million) or his body language. “He gives off a deer-in-the-headlights look,” one A.L. scout said.

-Jon Heyman, CBS Sports

It’s time to cut ties with Pelfrey. Period. He is never going to win over the trust of Mets fans ever again. The experiment is over with him. His youth in which to develop has come and gone, leaving Mets fans with a shadow of what Mike Pelfrey could have become. He used to be a guy with a nice curveball and a blazing fastball (in his first MLB start, he was easily hitting 98-99 MPH) to go along with a splitter that could put hitters away. He didn’t have the greatest stuff, contrary to what Larry Bowa said last night on 30 Clubs in 30 Days, but it was enough to be a talented pitcher. Instead, Pelfrey moved away from what made him a top prospect and became a sinkerball pitcher.

Pelfrey’s time is over. The Mets should dump him even if it means paying half his salary.

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