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A few days ago before the Mets played their first spring game against the Washington Nationals, Terry Collins and the Mets organization were downplaying the severity of David Wright’s rib cage injury.

Fast forward to today and everyone is much more concerned.

Wright, who has two years left on his contract, is yet to play in a spring game this year. He had been told by trainers to take it easy, only participating in a few drills and not playing in any games. Now, David will be heading to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City for another look. He will likely receive a cortisone shot while in New York.

At this point, I am concerned a little bit for David, but there is still so much time. If he’s not on the field two weeks before the season starts, say, March 20, then I would be very worried about what April will look like for David. At this point, however, it’s a little early to tell and there is really no point in being stressed out about this until you know it’s going to affect this upcoming season.

The Mets just want to handle this situation with care. Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson know that Wright is a valuable asset to this team and that their success depends on him, so they just don’t want to risk it by putting him out there.

It is a little concerning that he has to go back to New York, but we aren’t at the point yet where Opening Day is at risk, unless the doctors find something. Then, I would be worried.

Another quick note: Tim Byrdak will be heading to New York along with Wright to have his knee examined. It may require surgery.

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