The Mets should have a Fan Fest…

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Matthew Cerrone answered this question on MetsBlog a day or two ago.

For those of you who don’t know what a Fan Fest is (probably because the Mets don’t have them) it is basically a big ticket promotion. It often attracts huge crowds (San Francisco attracted 36,000 people) and is a great experience for fans. They can seek player autographs and they can hear Q&A sessions with players.

The PR aspect is a no-brainer. Yes, the Mets always get tons of attention, but recently, it’s all been negative. A Fan Fest, something which everyone loves, would bring POSITIVE attention to the team, and it would be profitable. If the Mets can attract 20,000 people, they could get another thousand season ticket holders. Why not? I don’t get it.

Should the Mets have a Fan Fest?

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  1. I think a fan fest would do the Mets a lot of good!!! Have you tried to contact them about this?

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