Sandy Alderson’s (@MetsGM) Twitter Q&A session with fans yesterday

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Here are some highlights from yesterday’s Q&A session that Sandy Alderson conducted yesterday with Met fans.

When asked about the trip Ike Davis took to New York yesterday, he replied:

He also addressed the Ruben Tejada situation. Tejada hasn’t reported to camp yet, which got Terry Collins a little upset.

On what to expect from Lucas Duda this season:

About who we should watch in the position player pool:

Interesting to see that he thinks of Matt Den Dekker as further from the majors than some other prospects. I don’t know what he thinks of den Dekker or whether he just misspoke, but den Dekker seems very close to the majors from what people have been saying. He has torn the cover off the ball and at age 24, he seems very close. Finally, on expectations:


I love that he’s doing this with fans. Sandy’s a smart guy, so you’re not going to get much more than this. With all the bad PR that’s surrounded the Mets lately, he is probably very careful in what he says, but it’s nice to see him interact with fans. I hope he does this often.

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