Quick reaction: Nats extend Ryan Zimmerman with monster deal

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The Washington Nationals today agreed to terms with third baseman Ryan Zimmerman that will keep him in Nationals uniform until 2021. The deal is six years, and worth $100 million. Zimmerman’s contract expires after next season, so he is now under Nationals control for eight years, $126 million.

This is a pretty huge contract, especially for someone who has managed to hit over 30 home runs one time in his career. He is a fantastic player, however. His career 162-game averages are: 25 home runs, 42 doubles, a .288 batting average, and a ..355 on-base percentage. These are David Wright-type numbers, so what does this mean for David Wright?

Overall, I think it really helps him. If David breaks out and hits 30 home runs with a .280 batting average, he is getting this type of deal. Whether it’s from the Mets or someone else remains to be seen. Personally, I don’t think Wright would deserve this type of deal. Zimmerman is just a better player. He doesn’t strike out as much, he can hit in the clutch, and he is nowhere near as inconsistent as Wright is.

We’ll still have to wait on Wright’s new deal, if Sandy Alderson is even willing to give him one.

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