Looking back: Roy Halladay trade “offer”

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Remember that reported offer by the Blue Jays a few years ago that would have sent Roy Halladay to the Mets? Of course you do.

Halladay, who was 32, was on the trade block with rumors awirling around him for weeks. It was reported that the Blue Jays offered this trade:

Blue Jays get:

Mets get:

  • Roy Halladay

At the time, the Met fanbase was split. Some didn’t believe in the prospects and would have taken that deal in a heartbeat. Others, including Omar Minaya, wanted to hang on to these youngsters. Here’s Matthew Cerrone’s take at the time:

…that is pretty steep… it is… that saidJohan Santana and Roy Halladay is just so damn tempting… i mean, think about that for a second… of course, it means nothing if the Mets can’t score… but, let’s assume this season is a wash, next season you’d have a reloaded offense, two aces in a pitcher’s park and K-Rodin the back of the pen, all while hanging on to Brad Holt and Jennry Mejia… like i said, temptingplus, i wonder if Alex Rios could have been put in there some how… hmmm…

…i initially said i could go either way on this… however, now that i think about it, i think i would have done it… regardless of a contract extension… i mean, being able to keep holt and mejia, and Wilmer Flores, among others, and pairing up the two best pitchers in the league is just too much to resist… not to mention, it would re-engage fans enough this season to save ratings and ticket sales, etc., while building hype for next year… oh well…

-Matthew Cerrone, MetsBlog

He seems a little torn. Now here’s Joe Janish’s strong opinion on the subject:

OK, someone here is on crack, and I want to know who. The authorities need to be informed and someone needs to go to jail, because drugs are bad, and hurt everyone.

Either it’s Heyman, for not getting the facts straight, JP Ricciardi, for making such a light proposal, or Omar Minaya, for not pulling the trigger. Because seriously, the Mets wouldn’t want to trade four youngsters with less than a half season of MLB experience combined in return for the best pitcher in MLB? They wouldn’t want to pair the best pitcher in MLB with the second-best pitcher in MLB (take your pick on who’s who), and have the most dominating 1-2 duo since Curt Schilling / Randy Johnson? (Some would argue that Halladay / Santana would be more dominating.) Really?

For the crack smokers out there who are emotionally tied to F-Mart, Niese, Parnell, and a 17-year-old you likely wouldn’t know if he was sitting on your living room couch, may I remind you of David West, Alex Ochoa, Alex Escobar, Ambiorix Concepcion, Butch Huskey, Keith Miller, Ryan Thompson, Brook Fordyce, Damon Buford, Billy Beane, Terry Blocker, Chris Donnels, DJ Dozier, Bill Latham, Wally Whitehurst, Floyd Youmans, and Herm Winningham — for example. Not to mention Mike Vail, Gregg Jefferies, Jason Phillips, Calvin Schiraldi, and others who may have had brief stints of success but never quite lived up to the hype.

Yes, every once in a while the Mets give away a gem like Scott Kazmir, Jason Bay, or Nolan Ryan, but those were deals for nobodies. Roy Halladay is the best pitcher in baseball, bar none. He’s not Victor Zambrano, Jason Middlebrook, or Jim Fregosi.

-Joe Janish, Mets Today

That specific group of prospects has been relatively successful. Ruben Tajada and Jon Niese turned into regulars, but Parnell and Martinez didn’t succeed.

Of course, this wasn’t a real offer… as far as we know, but it’s fun to think about the ace we could have gotten.

Would you have taken the Roy Halladay offer?

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