Arbitrator rules in favor of Ryan Braun

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The arbitrator in the case of Ryan Braun against Major League Baseball has officially ruled in favor of the 2011 NL MVP, according to Tom Haudricourt of Braun, who failed the test during the playoffs, immediately challenged the ruling and is now the first known player to have fought and won against Major League Baseball. Haudricourt said in his article:

Though the drug testing process is supposed to be confidential, because of leaks of the positive test and hearing, the Major League Baseball Players Association released a statement that Braun won his appeal. The union confirmed it was a 2-1 vote.

That statement read: “Under the Joint Drug Agreement, a player’s successful challenge to a suspension normally would not have been made public. The parties have agreed, given the particulars of this case, that an announcement is appropriate.”

It is my understanding that MLB officials are not pleased with how this played out and will be making a statement in support of the drug testing process.

Tom Haudricourt,

Braun will report to camp on Friday, in which I’m sure he will be hounded by reporters. He will not serve a 50-game suspension and will not lose his MVP in all likelihood.

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