Andres Torres talks to reporters, what will his role be?

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Andres Torres spoke to reporters down in Port St. Lucie today. Here’s what he had to say:

Andres Torres is a weak-hitting outfielder, who has talent with the glove, but I feel his weaknesses at the plate are going to be so prevalent, that he is going to be relegated to a late-game defensive role, and not much else. He had a horrifying .221/.312/.330 slash line last season.   Terry Collins is planning on plugging him in at the leadoff spot to make use of his speed, but that’s going to be the worst place for him. Leading off, a manager wants someone with not only speed, but a very high on-base percentage. Even before the horrible season Torres had last year, his career on-base percentage was just .320.

He will likely be replaced by Kirk Nieuwenhuis or Matt Den Dekker, two young center fielders who have impressed with their bats in the minors sometime later this summer, specially if Torres repeats last season’s production.


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