Mike Piazza wants to go to HOF as a Met

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Check this video out. It’s from the Knicks game last night. Mike Piazza is interviewed. There are quite a few interesting questions in the video.

This debate has been raging on since the day Piazza retired. Mets or Dodgers? To me, it’s a very simple answer.

The Mets.

Mike Piazza retires from baseball

(Photo Courtesy of Michael Baron)

It seems pretty obvious that Piazza has better numbers with the Dodgers, because he does. There is no denying that, but the Hall of Fame is about legacy. When you think Mike Piazza, you think of the Mets. You think of his efforts after 9/11. You think of his walk-off home run in the first game after the tragedy that brought the city to tears.

I respect what Mike did for the Dodgers. He was a solid force in the middle of that lineup for seven years. He hit .331 with Los Angeles, much higher than the .296 he hit with the Mets, but his legacy is with the Mets.

What hat should Mike Piazza wear when he is inducted into the Hall of Fame?

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