The Mets should go after Matt Garza

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I really just want to get to the point here: the Mets need to make a move for starting pitching that will help them long-term. Piecing together a rotation from pitchers left on the scrap heap and hoping to catch lightening in a bottle is not going to work forever. As a rebuilding team, many general managers take the approach of going backwards, remaking the bullpen first, and then going on with the rest. However, I’m a firm believer that pitching wins championships, and a team always needs to be stocked with pitching. So I wad thinking about some cheap options and I realized Matt Garza is a perfect fit for the Mets. (I know I am definitely not the first to think of this.)

Garza, 28, went 10-10 last year with a 3.32 ERA with the Cubs. He made approximately $6MM last year, and will likely make about $7MM in 2012. He is on the expensive side, but Garza has been consistent his entire career. Garza, in each season since he was a rookie, has not pitched to an ERA over four at all. He doesn’t allow many hits and strikes out a ton. He is electric and exciting, and at a young age. The Mets would have to give up a great deal for him, but it would be well worth it, especially if the Mets were able to sign him to an extension immediately. Plus, the Met rotation with Garza would all of a sudden look like a decent one.

Or the Mets could get Bobby Bonilla out of retirement and have him be the second starter. They’re certainly paying him enough…

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