And the final blow…

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After months of torture and suspense, we are at that moment Mets fans. The moment we have all been dreading…

Sources: #Marlins, Reyes in agreement on six-year, $106M deal, pending physical. #MLB
Ken Rosenthal


Alderson says Mets made no concrete offer to reyes.
Mike Puma

Isn’t it great to have an organization that cares?


I have to say, this is rough. I told myself that this was going to happen. However, as a Met fan, you never give up until you’re told it’s over, and even that sometimes doesn’t do it. Maybe this is what was meant to happen. Maybe this is what guides the Mets in the right direction. Let’s face it, the Mets would have had their hands tied behind their back for six years if they had given in, or even made a legitimate offer to Reyes (see above). This could be what convinces the Mets that spending big just may not be the answer… as if they have a choice. Did I mention that the Mets lost $70 million this year… Sandy Alderson did:

One rough note for Mets: Alderson admitted the team lost $70 million this year.
Andy McCullough

What a subtle way to break otherwise major news! We knew they had lost about that amount before tonight, but come on! Anyway, I have a feeling that the Mets payroll will be somewhere near $75 million this season, with absolutely no flexibility. If the Mets were going to spend, it would’ve been on Jose Reyes and that’s it.

To see updates, including a coming transcript of the press conference tonight, check out Adam Rubin’s blog. Also, check out live updates from the press conference.

One last note: Reyes never gave the Mets a final courtesy call. Yes, they should’ve made their move when they had a chance (the last 365 days), but still… slap in the face… kick to the groin. Adios Jose. We’ll miss you. Forever.

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