Good news: Wright staying, Qualls a possibility

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Here is some positive Mets news from today.

According to Jon Heyman of SI, the Mets will not be trading third baseman David Wright this winter. He also said that they got some “bad” offers from other teams. David is under contract with the Mets until 2013, with the 2013 option automatically declined if he is dealt.

Also, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Mets have “inquired” about Chad Qualls, among other free agent relief pitchers on the Market this winter. Qualls has 51 career saves and went 6-8 with a 3.51 EAR in 77 games last year for San Diego.


OPINION: Personally, I think both are “no-brainers” for the Mets. They have to keep David Wright this season. It’s almost not an option. In theory, he will only have one year left on his contract for the team receiving him whether he is traded this winter or next, so why not keep him? The walls are moving in, which could provide a boost to his power numbers and his value is at the lowest point in his career. If the Mets want to trade him and salvage as much as they could for him, this would be the last time they would want to do that. Wright is coming off a brutal back injury that sidelined him for a good part of last season, and he really struggled at the plate last season when healthy. The Mets could get so much more than Peter Bourjos (a rumor a few weeks ago, oh and no offense Peter) for David if he is coming off a good season, one in which he isn’t constantly on the disabled list. He is for sure, worth at least two of an organization’s top ten prospects, maybe more. Howeevr, the Mets can only get that kind of return if they are patient and let David have 2012 to prove himself to the world.

Now with Qualls, he has to be considered as a closer possibility. Capps is gone. Nathan is gone. The Mets need to explore the possibilities and act on one quickly, or they will have Bobby Parnell closing games for them again next season. Personally, I would have lovedĀ  the signing of Nathan or Capps, but there are a good deal of possible replacements for the closer-by-committee they had last year. Jonathan Broxton, Francisco Rodriguez, Jon Rauch, and Qualls are some of the options left that could fit with the Mets.However, they are cheap, and good, cheap pitching gets picked up quicker than anything in baseball, so the Mets need to act now and make a move, before they don’t have the chance anymore.


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