What should we expect from Ike Davis in 2012?

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With news of first baseman Ike Davis recovering well from an ankle injury, we can now turn our attention from Ike Davis in the trainer’s room to the Ike Davis on the field. His progress in rehab has taken the worry of him not being ready for next season out of my head and got me wondering: what should we expect from Ike next year?

Last season, Ike Davis jumped out to a huge start, hitting .337 in the month of April with five home runs and 20 RBI. He was having a huge season, when on May 10, he was involved in a freak collision with David Wright, and hurt his ankle. He suffered cartilage damage and was considering surgery for quite a few weeks. Finally, around September 1, Davis and the Mets felt his ankle had progressed enough to not need surgery. Ike missed the rest of the season, but he did very well in his rehab and is almost certainly going to be ready for Opening Day.

In his third season, what should we expect from Ike?

Last season, Davis was having a great season, as described above. He was on pace for about 30 home runs and about 90 RBI. On top of that, he was hitting for a very high average and striking out less. The year before that, he hit for a .264 average, hit 19 home runs, and drove in 71. Which Ike should we expect? Personally, I would like to think that we will get the home runs and the run production from Davis that we got last year. I’m not sure the average will be all the way up above .300, but it will be significantly higher than it was in his rookie season. He struck out about 23% of the time. That dropped about 3% last season. I’d like to think that he was actually making progress and not just having a huge hot streak. We knew that this guy had potential. So much potential. We knew that he had the potential to become a premiere power hitter. Last year was definitely a glimpse into what could be with Ike Davis, and all of the evidence points towards him in the future, being what he was last year. His average in the last two months of his rookie year was .294, compared to the first 3 1/2, when it was .247. Last year, he built on that and brought his average up again. I really believe he can continue this in 2012, and that’s just not my wishful thinking talking.

Obviously, only time will tell with Davis. He is already a success if his rookie year is about what we should expect. In 2010, he had a 2.5 WAR. That’s not bad for a rookie, or even an average everyday player, especially when you think of all the first base prospects who never made it to the majors at all. I would be perfectly content with the 2010 Ike Davis, but I’m really excited to see the 2011 Ike Davis play next season.

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  1. He’s the next Ed Kranepool

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