Twitter Q&A: David Wright trade value

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I had the opportunity to ask a few questions on Twitter with Joe D of Mets Merized Online about David Wright. First, I asked if the Mets should (or shouldn’t) trade David. Here is the conversationĀ  that ensued:

I completely agree. A few years ago, David Wright was considered one of, if not, the best third baseman in all of baseball. Over the past few seasons, his value has dropped along with hos home run total. Before the move to Citi Field, David was averaging 30 home runs per 162 games. Since then. he has averaged 22. There is no denying that Citi Field HAS affected him, forcing him to change his swing, which brought down his value.

The point about Reyes is very interesting, and something I’ve been saying all along. You either try to win with both Reyes and Wright, or you try to win with neither of them. Plus, from some of the comments from a MetsBlog Q&A from very recently, Sandy leans strongly towards building around a more modest payroll, which makes sense. If you want to build a team, you don’t start off by taking up most of your available funds with just a few players. You develop your organization from the ground up, starting with young pitching. With David’s deal having $31MM left, he is preventing Sandy Alderson from using that middle-market Moneyball magic we have come to know.

Not only would trading Wright provide payroll flexibility, but it would finally give Daniel Murphy a place to play without looking completely ridiculous. This would open up room for the Mets to move Ruben Tejada to second base and sign or trade for a shortstop.

I’m not completely for trading Wright, nor am I completely against it. It just depends on the situation. A Joe says, there is no point in keeping Wright if Jose Reyes is gone. In that scenario, the Mets should (and probably would) build up David Wright’s value in the smaller Citi Field, hoping for inflated numbers to increase the return they could get for him.

I’m a big Wright fan, and have been since he came up, but for a team that could go into rebuilding mode very soon, he is too valuable a piece to let go onto the free agent market once his contract expires.

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