To trade, or not to trade… is that really the question?

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According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Mets have been asking around about interest in David Wright. David has two years, and a total of $31MM left on his contract, with the second year being a club option with a $1MM buyout. Possible teams? Well, here’s what Sherman had to say:

“The team the Mets are focusing upon the most is the Angels, who they know have had interest in Wright previously and, in Mike Trout and Peter Bourjos, have two young center fielders. The Angels will not move Trout, who made his major league debut at 19 last year and is seen as a five-tool cornerstone to their future.

But Bourjos is a possibility. Two different talent evaluators told me they thought Bourjos was one of the three best defensive center fielders in the majors last year. Bourjos, who turns 25 in March, also hit .271 with 12 homers and 22 steals. If the Mets are able to get Bourjos and one or two arms from a group that includes Tyler Chatwood, Garrett Richards and John Hellweg, it could be enticing because there also would be a significant amount of saved money for 2012 — take your pick if that ends up in ownerships’ pockets or reinvested in payroll.”

                                                                                                                                                   -Joel Sherman NY Post
Well this is very, very interesting. A few years ago, and to some degree even just before this season started, David was considered an untouchable, career-Met. Now it seems like the clock is ticking until David is gone. There is no question that he has value. The Mets could get a number two starter, a top center field prospect, and a mid-level prospect, if there was a team that fit. Wright is a superstar that would be under a team’s control for two years.That opportunity doesn’t present itself often for the team trading the player or the one receiving him.
If the Mets want to rebuild and take advantage of the aging Phillies, then they need to decide on Wright now because when next offseason comes around, Wright won’t be nearly as valuable as before. Plus, if the Mets decide to trade Wright, there is really no point in signing Reyes. The Mets can use the pick from the Reyes signing and all of the money they saved and invest it in their farm system and go into an all-out rebuilding mode. That wouldn’t be so bad, as Adam Rubin pointed out today…:
Rebuilding is exciting. it gives fans something to look forward to in the long-term if you do it right. It happens to every team (except for the Red Sox and Yankees) every so often. The Mets have a good base of prospects at the moment. Jeurys Familia, Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, and Jenrry Mejia are four great pitching prospects that could be big parts of the organization’s future, depending on what they decide. All the options are in front of the Wilpons and Sandy Alderson, they just need to pick one.
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  1. Soon they’ll look like the late 70’s and early 80’s teams – sad!

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