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This is it. This is the roughest time of the year. This is the time between the initial big free agent signings and the second round of major signings around Christmas  and the new year. This is the time where we, Mets fans, tend to go insane, especially if we start to think about the future of the franchise. Well, today, I read an article written by a Mets writer who has clearly been thinking too much about his team.

Albert Pujols and New York Mets: How It Could Happen and Why It Might

I mean, the title speaks for itself. I know it is just speculation, but “Come on man!” This is ridiculous. If this was written a year ago, with the possibility then of the Wilpons selling the team to some super-cool, fan-like owner who, perhaps owns a certain NBA franchise based in Dallas, I wouldn’t mind it, but now… no.

Do I really have to explain why this is crazy?

Nope, I’ll just let Chris do it…

I’m sorry to the writer of this story because I know this was written, not by them, but by the insanity that is taking over.

Luckily Winter Meetings are in eight days, which means… well it just means the front office has the big stage… to drive us even more insane.

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  1. What about Willy Mo Pena?

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