MLB, Union agree to deal, Selig talks about realignment

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According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox sports, the MLB and player’s union have agreed to a new Collective bargaining agreement. The deal is reportedly five years long, which would give baseball 21 straight years of labor peace. Take note NBA and NFL. The deal will be announced on Monday.

Realignment was announced as Bud Selig talked to reporters in Milwaukee today, and said that the Houston Astros will be moving to the American League in 2013. Houston ownership was looking to sell the team, and Major League Baseball pushed them to lower the price and sell to an owner willing to make the move to the AL. Today, baseball approved the purchase of the Astros by Jim Crane for a reported $680 million. Crane pitched for Central Missouri in college and has been a baseball fan for a long time.

The Astros will become the fifth team in the AL West, joining the Rangers, A’s, Mariners. and Angels. They will become the 15th American League team, which will even the leagues up. This means that from Opening day, to the last day of the season, there will be an interleague series. Personally, I don’t like the way baseball does interleague play to begin with. The teams everyone plays is completely random and has no organization to it for 14 years. Knowing this, I wouldn’t trust baseball to do it right. I hope they surprise me, though. I hope baseball does as football does, with divisions playing divisions, so it makes at least a little sense.

Also, the Selig said there will be two more Wild Card teams added. Now there will be two per league. Each will play each other for the right to move on to the division series. This is the first expansion of the playoffs since 1997 when baseball added the NLDS and ALDS.

In addition to the realignment and the addition of two Wild Cards, baseball has made some more changes  in the new CBA, including the deletion of draft pick compensation. At the moment, teams who lose a Type A or B free agent, get a draft pick in return. Now, that will be gone, so teams like the Mets will not benefit at all for losing players like Jose Reyes.

I’m not sure what to think of the new changes. I mean, the compensation system was great in theory, but it makes the value of a second round pick dependent on how many free agents sign with other teams. With the new interleague play… there is already too much. Teams should play their rivals in their own division. Obviously, the rivalry games between the Yankees and Mets, for instance, are some of the most anticipated of the year, but honestly, who watches Mariners- Pirates? Lastly, I love the Wild Card additions. This will add a whole new layer of teams to the playoff race.

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  1. Outstanding!¬† I can’t wait to see those Pirates v. Royals games!

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