The offseason to-do list (pt. 2)

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Here is my continuation of the offseason to-do list…

(To see part one, click here)

4. Shop Lucas Duda

With Daniel Murphy and Ike Davis coming back next year, the Mets don’t have much room for Duda. Yes, he can play right field, but if the Mets want to make a move for a first baseman this winter (moving Ike Davis to right field, of course), Duda would be left without a place to play.  Lucas was a highly-ranked prospect last year, and still has value in the trade market. The Mets could package him, with let’s say, Cory Vaughn and a decent pitching prospect, they could get James Shields, Trevor Cahill, or even Matt Cain if they are willing to give away a fourth player. I love Duda, I just feel that I would rather keep Ike Davis, who has the potential to be a 30-40 home run guy, or Daniel Murphy, who could have won the batting title last year if he had stayed healthy.

5. Non-tender Mike Pelfrey and Angel Pagan

Both have had their ups and downs in New York, with an emphasis on the downs. Pelfrey has been arguably the most inconsistent

Angel Pagan at the plate

pitcher of the last five years, and after having an excellent 2010 campaign, was awful this season, posting a 7-13 record with a 4.74 ERA. Meanwhile, Angel Pagan, who also had a productive 2010 season, saw his batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage drop this season. They have both been failed experiments and it’s time for them to go.

6. Don’t move the walls in

I have been one of the few people who have been arguing that the Mets should keep the walls at Citi Field the same. Yes, there are a few quirks that can be fixed (i.e. the Mo’ Zone), but everything should be relatively unchanged on Opening Day. The Mets built a ballpark that is ideal for a team that can pitch and has speed. I’d like to see the Mets attempt to fit the ballpark before they change it. They need to use the unique ballpark to their advantage, making it a tough place for opposing teams. Give the field a few more years an an attempt at becoming a pitching-oriented team before you touch the walls.

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