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Today, Terry Collins and the New York Mets officially announced in a press release that there will be coaching changes for the 2012 season. Bench coach Ken Oberkfell,  Third Base Coach Chip Hale, First Base Coach Mookie Wilson and Bullpen Coach Jon Debus will not return net season. All of them, with the exception of Chip Hale, will be reassigned to other positions in the organization. Pitching Coach Dave Warthen and Hitting Coach Dave Hudgens will return to the same positions net year. Triple-A manager Tim Teufel will take over at third base and Ricky Bones will become the new Bullpen Coach. They coached Buffalo to a 62-81 record this season.

After such a disappointing season, a coaching change seemed likely, but not just because of a bad team. Wilson, despite being a favorite among Mets fans, wasn’t a great first base coach. He was way too cautious with baserunners. Jose Reyes, who has the ability to steal 70 to 80 bases per year, wasn’t stealing much at all under Wilson. Debus led one of the worst bullpens in baseball this year. Chip Hale had already told the Mets he was leaving after agreeing to terms with the A’s on a two-year deal to be their bench coach. Oberkfell? I feel like he wasn’t as involved this year as a bench coach should be. It seemed like it was all Terry Collins. Anyway, Warthen and Hudgens staying isn’t very surprising. Neither of them did a very good job last year, but they clearly have potential. The pitching staff was very weak, and the offense hit with no power. If the Mets have another bad year, those two will be out.

According to some early reports, Larry Bowa and Jim Riggleman could be candidates for Bench Coach. Riggleman led the Nationals to an outrageous winning streak early this season, but resigned after ownership wouldn’t give him a new contract.

Did the Mets make the right decision? Did they get rid of the right people? Tell me in the comments section…

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