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I'm a 16 year-old blogger, high school student, and lifelong Mets fan. I've been blogging about the Mets in some form or another for about four years. I embrace the new age, sabermetric way of thinking, but also recognize the importance of scouting and player devlopment.

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  1. MetsMagic
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    Instead of signing Patterson, who is like Chavez, why not just sign the real deal? Endy is a free agent, and was always better than patterson. 

    1. Connor O'Brien
      Connor O'Brien at | | Reply

      Patterson actually averages 29 SB per 162 games and Chavez only averages 17. Patterson is more consistent. I mentioned Chavez because he had a FANTASTIC season with the Mets in ’06, I don’t know if that could be repeated. Patterson is definitely the surer thing, at least in my mind.

    2. Connor O'Brien
      Connor O'Brien at | | Reply

      Thanks for commenting, by the way!

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