Closing out the ninth: The case for Pedro Beato

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Last night’s 8-7 loss to tha Nationals really got me thinking about the future of the Met closers role. Well, I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, but Bobby Parnell‘s blown save last night stirred up the conversation even more.

To me, there’s no way Bobby Parnell should be closing games. Pedro Beato should be the one that closes out games. Here, look at these stats from this year:

Bobby Parnell-
ERA: 4.18
H per 9 inn: 9.9
Opponents BA with RISP: .299
Hitters leading off an inning: .310 BA
Opponents BAA in tie game or 1-R game:.327

Pedro Beato-
ERA: 3.90
H per 9 inn: 7.2
Opponents BA with RISP: .255
Hitters leading off an inning:.204 BA
Opponents BAA in tie game or 1-R game: .224

As you can see, Pedro Beato is so much better than Parnell is crunch time. It seems that with runners on base, Parnell tenses up and he can’t think right. There is no doubt that Bobby Parnell has more physical talent and better stuff than Beato, but as a pitcher, the physical side is only half of what you need to be successful.

I will definitely have more to come on this matter very soon. Let me know what you think. I’ll probably write something else about this today or I will add more to this post…


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