Thread: Mets (60-68) vs. Phillies (83-44)

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Here is this afternoon’s Met lineup:

  1. Angel Pagan CF
  2. Ruben Tejada SS
  3. David Wright 3B
  4. Lucas Duda RF
  5. Jason Bay LF
  6. Nick Evans 1B
  7. Josh Thole C
  8. Justin Turner 2B
  9. Mike Pelfrey RHP (6-10, 4.61)

vs. Kyle Kendrick RHP (7-5, 3.24)

Talking points:

  • The Mets lost 9-4 last night to the Phillies.
  • Jonathon Niese and Scott Hairston will be placed on the DL very soon with pulled rib cage muscles.

My Take:

  • Loss: Not a pretty game at all…
  • Niese, Hairston: Reaction
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